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Thread: The Journal of Campanella

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    More planning:
    - the store by me has started carrying multicolored cauliflower. After reading that many vegetables are in fact multi colored in nature, and specific colors were cultivated to be "traditional," I really wanted to try some different colored cauliflowers.
    So, I bought a purple cauliflower. As a treat. Because it's from all the way across the country, I'm guessing greenhouse grown, it's not organic, and it's by a big company "Salad Savoy", trademarked "carnival cauliflower" and I fear it may be fairly manipulated and not just simple growing wild cauliflower. But, it is a treat.
    I want to mash it (but leave it a little chunky) maybe with butter/cream and eat it like mashed potatoes with the brisket sauce. Yum.
    Someday I'll buy a new oven and a real food processor and I'll puree cauliflower with roasted garlic cloves and herbs. And then maybe I will make stew beef or just sautee ground beef and pour it with gravy over the mashed cauliflower.

    - Delicata squash is the next squash to try. My oven is unfortunately still out of order so no roasting yet. Delicata is apparently an old heirloom.

    - One and a half days to Winesaps

    - Once I get a working oven again I want to make stuffed Swiss Chard.

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    Purple? How cool! Does it smell any different?
    Height: 5' 10"
    Starting Weight: 292
    Starting Primal Weight: 275
    Current weight: 224
    Goal weight: 172
    Body Fat 30.5

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    It smells like regular cauliflower! Now that I have it home, I'm not so quick to try it, it looks like something from outer space! I may let it languish in the fridge a little while.
    The apple farm was lovely and relaxing, a beautiful quiet fall day.

    Last night for dinner I had asparagus and mushroom salad with parmesan, and a big bowl of caramelized brussels sprouts. From a restaurant. The brussels sprouts weren't sweetened with sugar, just slow cooked in butter, but still they were almost too sweet for me. My tastes have really changed!
    I'm trying to move away from the protein at every meal dogma. I don't think it's necessary. I only need 2 meals a day and really only one needs to have a big chunk of protein, not both. Excess protein is really not helpful, excess calories surely not, and right now I have a bounty of produce to enjoy. I think it's the season to enjoy a little apple instead of a piece of chicken at lunch, and so far it has not had a negative impact on me.

    I have so many vegetables to eat up right now...

    I should boil some eggs (I like them in between hard and soft boiled) and keep them in the fridge, because a single boiled egg is nice to have at lunch to get a lot of nutrition without going overboard on protein.

    I have stocked right now,
    Dandelion greens and collard greens
    White cauliflower
    Purple cauliflower
    Yellow squash
    Acorn squash
    1 parsnip
    White potatoes
    Purple potatoes (I picked them out for the first time)
    Sweet potatoes (the parents love potatoes...)
    White button mushrooms
    A few uneaten stalks of asparagus
    Brussel Sprouts
    1 head of cabbage
    Parsley, dill, sage
    Yellow Onions
    Fresh arugula

    Cooked dandelion greens needing to be made palatable - maybe an omelet
    Pickled white asparagus (yum, what a treat!)

    Also I bought some dried ginger root, I need to find something to do with that.

    I've been wanting to make
    Some ideas on the horizon:
    - Vegetable soup, with the cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, squash, carrots/parsnip/celery, mushrooms, onions, maybe a little asparagus
    - Mushroom soup with ginger and herbs
    - Sauteed broccoli and cauliflower with garlic
    - The family has been asking me to make hot spiced cider. I will have to skip that except for a few sips. I need to fill up on spices elsewhere I suppose!

    I have an eagle eye out for pickling salt, but in the meantime I want to try lacto fermentation with table salt. I'm thinking I'll try lactofermenting the beets. When the beets are cooked, they are sugary and sweet and yum and easy to overdo it with, but with strong herbs and spices and crispiness, they will be more self limiting.
    I might try slicing them and flavoring with vidalia onion, fresh dill, allspice berries and whole cloves.

    I'm working on developing a sweet breakfast loaf to send my sister. It will have kuri squash, be sweetened with dates, and I might possibly use cornmeal in it but soak it overnight in whey.

    I'm really getting into the skipping breakfast thing. I enjoy it. I typically have an unsettled stomach in the mornings anyway but eat anyway out of habit, so I'm enjoying listening to myself instead. This morning I found myself a little hungry in the morning, but I ignored it and it actually went away... until I ate 2 apples anyway... which was well worth it, I may add! Apple picking is a special time!

    Anyway, tomorrow I have to go out in the morning, then I have about an hour's break and from 12:30 to about 5 pm I will be out, and may or may not have access to primal food. I'm thinking I will try skipping breakfast and fasting until I get home. I get to the point where I don't even want to eat lunch if I skipped breakfast and I'm busy doing other things.

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    Right now I have enough food to last a long time. However when I next go out:
    - make more chicken broth
    - buy Porcini and Shiitake mushrooms, and fresh garlic, (and possibly arrowroot?) to make soup with the chicken broth

    I'm noting that I could make a beautiful and delicious soup, maybe for halloween, by blending broth with purple potatoes and beets and adding lots of wild mushrooms and garlic, red wine vinegar, sage, and I'll need to buy more bay leaves and maybe thyme. I'd also like to buy some apple cider vinegar because I've read that extracts nutrients from bones in broth.

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    Not much updating for lots of things happening. I lost a few more lbs and gained back a lot of it as well, just in the last few days I've gained several lbs. Too many apples, too much meat (yes, I'm learning there is such a thing).

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    I gained about 2 lbs over the last week or so, a trip to visit family. We ate out at restaurants the whole time, as it was no one's lodging in specific, and delicious and enjoyable as I love to see other people's food ideas, and we ate at the best places... there was chai tea in the mornings, sipped in the frosty outdoors, lunches were grilled portabellas with mozzarella and pesto, and turnip soup -far too much of a tasty cream-based soup!! and spicy Italian sausage soup in which I adroitly avoided the pasta Dinners were at lovely local places, bacon wrapped hake, seared mushrooms, butternut squash puree, even a little mashed potatoes... and pot roast, sauteed spinach, cabbage, the list could go on and on, all delicious though!
    And the thing is - I am monitoring, but not concerned too much about a few lbs weight gain, as long as I don't go more than another 2 lbs this fall, especially in light of MDA's latest article on how a little gain in the fall from starches and apple sugars could trigger a fat burning hormone.

    Finally, back to the farm stand! Last night I stuffed 8-ball zucchini with chopped apples, carrots and fresh sage. Tonight, there will be meatloaf, and more vegetables from the farm. I bought gorgeous purple cauliflower, green romanesco cauliflower - a real fractal - and a whole stalk of brussel sprouts, fresh garlic, carrots, a delicata squash which I will try for the first time.

    For lunch today I may make some vegetable. Dinner, probably will be the delicata squash, roasted with olive oil and sea salt - you can eat the striped skin too, wow! - and either cauliflower with garlic or roasted brussels sprouts, whichever one I don't have at lunch.
    The romanesco cauliflower/broccoli I will save and take home with me, along with cooked leftovers from tonight. I plan to go to a big grocery store and look for some good coconut flour, or gf flour, or something to do baking for the sister. I did get some white rice flour and made her pumpkin pancakes - mostly egg and pumpkin, with a little rice flour to bind it, and nutmeg/cinnamon/cloves and maple syrup to flavor. I was delighted she ate and enjoyed them Next I'm planning some kind of "squash loaf" - summer and winter squash, maybe yellow squash and zucchini all grated, and pureed acorn squash and delicata, with fresh chopped dill and basil, and honey and pureed dates to sweeten. In some kind of flour base, I'm hoping to find something more nutrient dense than rice flour, without using nut flours because of 0-6. Coconut flour is an option, and if I can find them, there is also plantain flour, sweet potato flour, etc.

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    A little time has passed, many changes.
    My latest "discoveries" are white sweet potatoes, white japanese sweet potatoes - delicious baked and refrigerated to be spooned out of the peel like... ice cream
    Thanksgiving dinner was lovely, I made a sweet potato casserole, roasted and mashed garnet yams with butter, cream, cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with banana slices instead of marshmallows. I enjoyed a lot of dark meat turkey, tasty, and I'm pretty much the only one in my family who loves the skin so all the more for me! Mashed potatoes with gravy, and acorn squash, mashed rutabaga (family tradition), all tasty. In a way I was glad to have limited options foodwise because I got to have more than just a taste of the things I was eating before I filled up
    Some farmers' market sprees recently yielded delicious duck eggs, romanesco cauliflower, purple cauliflower, purple broccoli, lots of squashes, all delicious. I'm starting to fall into a pattern of two meals a day, and I'm discovering I sleep better when I don't eat after 4 or 5 pm.

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    Well, I might log whenever I feel like it. Yesterday I did sprints. My first real exercise in a while and now my legs are sore!

    I went to bed last night at 11 but stayed awake for unknown reasons for a long time, and slept until 11 am. A short walk, then a meal at noon: 2 oz gouda cheese (2 years old), a pastured egg, an apple, and close to a lb of roasted baby brussel sprouts with olive oil. Yum. Then I was working until around 4 pm when I had a blood orange. I love those when they're deep burgundy inside.

    Dinner? Not sure yet. Probably chicken sauteed in butter, that's what's in the fridge. We're a bit scant on vegetables now and needing a trip to the market, but tonight I think we have beets and squash. I love squash roasted in goose fat. I have a big bowl of it from the goose we roasted at Christmas!

    I've loosened up a lot over the past month, which I'm thankful for to be honest. My leniencies include:
    sweetened chai tea, all spicy and foamy with yes, poor quality milk and sugar
    lots of dark chocolate, probably more than is good
    fruit in vast quantities

    And my parents had bought some grass fed ice cream a while back, yesterday I saw it in the freezer, vanilla, and also one that's lavender flavored... I tried a little spoonful of each, I enjoyed it, was content with just that, and it didn't have any negative effects really.

    I tried making my own chai tea, but unfortunately it's not the same as when you buy a paper coffee cup and crack open the lid so the steam rises from the fluffy milk. It's pretty sweet, but it's a special treat. Part of the fun is buying it pre made.
    I've been hankering for a real hot cocoa for a while now and one of these days I might treat myself to one.
    I want to get back into running again, it feels good to be really sore again.

    Planned deviances over the weekend:
    spoonful of the bourbon vanilla ice cream I saw in the freezer.... simply because my (older) friend was laughing about his affinity for bourbon and I don't want to go drinking any, I'm just curious of the flavor. hah.
    probably a chai tea from the bake shop because it's fun to get something there when other people are getting cookies and such.

    non-deviances but I'm still looking forward to:
    trip to the (only, I think) store that sells grass fed ground beef. I might try making stuffed acorn squash!
    freshest apples ever from the apple farm- I'm already trying to choose between gold rush, pink lady, or braeburn...

    Yesterday I need my chocolate fix and didn't have any, so I grabbed a square of Ghiradelli baking chocolate. I tried it a year ago and hated it, but this time - wow, I savored it, I thought it was better than the dark chocolate I buy that's meant for eating!

    Plus just thought I'd mention how awesome it was that a few nights ago I had to stay up really late to get some work done, and instead of energy drinks or candy, I powered myself through with fruit, cheese, and 50g 100% chocolate. Except the caffeine kept me awake even after I was able to go to bed :P

    But I've been wondering whether I should give non-meat-eating a try. Not vegetarianism, but sticking to seafood mostly. I've just observed how I feel so much better and more energetic after a meal with a ton of vegetables, avocado and seafood then I do with a meal of potatoes and meat, when I'm tired, feel uncomfortably heavy and lethargic even if I don't eat that much. Of course, it's all an improvement to CW.

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