So here starts my journal. It may abruptly end at any point. I want my strength and physical fitness to increase to a level where I'm comfortable moving around a lot in many different ways with a stronger body. I will record some things here and see as I go along whether it helps me.

Today so far, I had a breakfast of 6 oz sheep's yogurt, a hard boiled pastured egg, a tablespoon of scallion cream cheese with a cucumber. I went for a few short walks, and lunch was 3 stalks of celery, another cucumber, cheddar cheese and half an avocado. I also had a handful of blackberries and about 10 cherries.
I'm trying to keep fruit overeating under control by sticking to berries and cherries. So far it's been pretty successful and I have less of a craving for sweetness when I don't eat as many peaches, melons, etc.

Dinner is going to be organic sweet potatoes mashed with butter, and - this will have to fit into my 20% - some beef in a flour coating. Maybe I can scrape off some of the flour. It shouldn't be too much.

I recently discovered the mango. I am in love with it. I read online that it contains an enzyme which gives you a feeling of contentment after eating - I am intrigued by that feeling, and I always want more. I first bought mango, a few weeks ago, pre sliced from the store. It came in a 15 oz container and I ate the whole thing in one sitting I think I have tasted few things so delicious. And for hours afterwards, I just kept thinking - I had mango! I had mango! I couldn't get the satisfaction, warm feeling and excitement out of my mind about the damn mango xD
I realized afterwards that I ate over 60 grams sugars in one sitting. Well, that one time was worth it, but certainly not too often. I'm thinking maybe once a month will be my mango day. But no more than that, because when I buy a mango, nothing will stop me from eating the whole thing and sucking every last sugary drop from the core... I'm already planning my next mango day.
But for now, berries are in season and they will be my stronghold. Apples will be the next obstacle. Well, I have found that the less fruit I eat, the more taste I have for sour tastes and for fat.

For exercise today, I will take another 1.5 - 2 mile walk later, and I started with level 1 of the PB Fitness push ups - basically just pushups against a wall, 40 of them. I think it didn't push me enough, so I'll do another 40 later on today. I don't want to move up to the next level too quick because I want to solidify my form.