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Thread: Total Cholesterol & LDL On The Rise

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    Total Cholesterol & LDL On The Rise

    I just got another lipid panel and it seems that my total cholesterol and LDL are on the rise. (last 3 test results below) I went primal in 2011 (between the 1st and 2nd test results).

    Cholesterol 169
    HDL 48
    LDL 106
    Triglyceride 77

    Cholesterol 243
    HDL 78
    LDL 156
    Triglyceride 44

    Cholesterol 278
    HDL 72
    LDL 197
    Triglyceride 43

    height: 5'9"
    weight: 178
    waistline: 32"
    Body fat %: Not sure. scales indicates 17% body fat. Abs are slightly visable and I've read that this happens around 10% body fat.

    My understanding is that total cholesterol and LDL figures in a standard lipid panel aren't an indication of anything. So they are pretty much useless.

    I believe that the only metric that really matters when examining a standard lipid panel is Triglyceride/HDL. (I'm basing this off of Dr. Peter Attia post: How a low carb diet reduced my risk of heart disease (Part 3) - The Eating Academy | Peter Attia, M.D.) If this is the case, then I have a tri/HDL of .60, which is considered very good.

    However, I am still concerned that there might be something wrong if my total cholesterol and standard LDL readings are so high.

    Am I reading this correctly? Does anyone have any insight into whether or not I should be concerend?
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