I just walked along our High Street, about 7 minutes in each direction, to get a few things (non food items). I'm a bit hungry, to say the least ...... so negotiating the 3 bakeries, 3 take-aways (kebab, pizza, fish and chips, all open), 3 cafes, 4 pubs (one has closed, it used to be 5), 1 supermarket and several (as in 5) shops selling cheap food - all chocolate bars, sweets, cake, cereal etc I passed n just that small journey WAS NOT EASY! There isn't one fruit and veg shop in town any more (unless you count the 3 supermarkets), I went fairly near the one remaining butcher. No fishmonger in town.

Its like "running the gauntlet" and yes, on some days its torture (the sheer variety of food smells defies description and I struggle with sweet stodge to this day) and no I didn't succumb. No wonder, as a nation, that we are getting so fat!!!