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    Road-Kill Hat

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    How Primal do you want to get?

    I think I might draw the line at this. LOL

    More here:

    Accessorize Your Fashion Look with Roadkill! Not Just for Breakfast Anymore, Part 2 | Greenopolis

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    Is it machine washable? I think my head would get very sweaty in that.

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    I lived very rural for a few years. Lots of hobby taxidermists out there, and their wives/mothers would put their excess stuff in yard and estate sales for cheap ("I just want that crap outta here!). Never met a dead animal I couldn't sell on eBay.

    I like that hat, though in my current locale it would probably melt.

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    Watch out for the paint!!!!!!!
    "The problem with quoting someone on the Internet is, you never know if it's legit" - Abraham Lincoln

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