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Thread: The Bowflex HIT Pistol....What ju Say?

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    The Bowflex HIT Pistol....What ju Say?

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    Hey did my first pistol today! Haven't even attempted one in several months. Never able to do one prior to doing BBS type exercise on my bowflex. LOL. Not even with hundreds of BW squats for the PB fitness or working with YAYOG. I've always had rather weak leg strength and a disproportionately strong upper body.

    This is interesting to me from the perspective that I did not follow either workout regimen to the letter. The HIT BBS crowd (and most anyone in free weight world) would likely ridicule the bowflex for its disproportionate load over the course of the motion. Most in the BW world would probably tell you that there are "functional" aspects to learning the pistol, and that you work some sort of stabilizers to get there.

    I have stuck to only one workout/week and the only leg work I do is the bowflex squat at SS reps till failure. I use the whole 410 stack (which I know aint 410, but I did start much lower). Anyhow I'm just kinda pumped that I was able to do a few reps with each leg on a whim....actually a few hours after my 1x/week workout today.
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