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Thread: Re fat adapting

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    Re fat adapting

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    So I may have turned the 80/20 rule into the 50/50 or maybe 30/70 rule for the past 4 days.

    Whats the best way to get myself re adapted to fat burning?

    I was thinking about trying to fast tomorrow till diner time, any thoughts?

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    Yeah, I think a fast would be a good kickstart. But make your final meal before the fast a Primal meal with a focus on very low carbs, otherwise you'll get too hungry.

    Then after the fast I would keep eating VLC until you got back into fat burning mode, then reintroduce some whole foods that have carbs.
    "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco

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    Thanks. Last meal was grilled chicken with broccoli so I should be good.

    I don't mind the hunger feeling during a fast, in a sick way I kinda like it, I just didn't want the lack of fat intake to hinder my body adapting to relying on fat for fuel.

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