2012-11-30 23.06.jpg

Yes, I'm flexing. But at least I'm trying to be subtle about it.

My weight has not changed much over the last month or so. But I continue to get stronger and leaner. I started to do Carb Re-Feeds once a week on Thanksgiving and I have been pleased with the difference it has made for me in the gym. My deadlift, as you may have guessed my favorite lift, went up 40 pounds thanks to my muscles being restocked with Glycogen following the re-feed.

I am generally low to very low carb everyday and have been that way fairly consistently for months. Everything was always feeling very heavy in the gym and I didn't really understand it. Once I topped off my muscles I felt much stronger and powerful. It was nice.

Now I'm doing one "clean" re-feed a week that will consist of tubers, milk and extra fruit. The re-feed comes immediately following my heaviest workout of the week. Was a little worried that adding a couple hundred grams of carbs to my Tuesday may lead to dangerous cravings after the re-feed but have not found that to be the case.

Was thinking today how food can be such an afterthought for me now. Had eggs and fruit for breakfast. Snacked on small amounts of nuts and jerky a few times during the day and essentially skipped lunch and dinner. Amazing.