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Thread: Help needed on Carbs

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    Help needed on Carbs

    Hi guys, being relatively new to this I am trying my hardest to follow the Primal/Paleo Blue Print, I exercise 6 days out of seven, using kettlebell routines, Tabata Sprints and dog walking! I am about 90/10 in favour Primal in my food intake with the 10 being my weakness for Dark (70% and up) Chocolate.

    What I'm struggling with is knowing how much is 50 to 70g of Carbs in relation to actual food products?

    I have cut out completely all grain, breads, rice, pasta, all processed sugar, all processed foods,diary (Cow, I still have the occassional dollop of Sheep or Goat yoghurt), I drink my herbal tea neat and my coffe black, no fizzy drinks, minimal alcohol (odd glass of white wine or a glass of cold pressed cider).

    A typical breakfast is 3 egg omelette with a couple of spring onions, chopped ham (farm fresh not processed) and chilli flakes, with a herbal tea

    Lunch is a handful of dates plus a whey protein drink.

    Dinner is meat, with a selection of steamed vegitables, water or a glass of white wine.

    Snacks are ALWAYS homemade Larabars - coconut and lime being my favourite.

    Thanks for the help in advance

    Keep the faith!!
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