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Thread: BIG chorizo breakfast (chorizos rancheros?!)

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    BIG chorizo breakfast (chorizos rancheros?!)

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    Abstract chorizo breakfast
    • Chorizo slices
    • Sweet-potato cubes
    • Peas, if you partake
    • Avocado slices
    • Fried egg


    1. Boil potato cubes in water + a tablespoon of butter, until the cubes are cooked (but don't overcook! they should stay cubes!)
    2. Pan-fry chorizo slices in some bacon grease
    3. Rinse frozen peas, if using
    4. When potato is boiled, turn off the burner, drain water, add the peas and cooked chorizo into the pot and toss to combine. Put the lid back on so the remaining heat cooks the peas
    5. In the frying pan you used for the chorizo, add more bacon grease, fry your egg, salt and pepper
    6. Plate your mixed veggies/chorizo... your fried egg... and avocado slices

    Can I call this chorizos rancheros? It's a breakfast big enough for a cowboy, uh? :-P

    Anyway, good morning, breakfast's ready!
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