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Thread: The Etymology of Hate

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojohaligo View Post
    ...because when they did, it made such a difference?
    Good point, we're totally fucked. Are you well-versed in philosophy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasputina View Post
    (So "etymology is perhaps a bad term, but maybe what the word means can shed light on it's origin and social evolution), Why is there so much hate and violence in the world? A tired question, to be sure, but one worth continually seeking answers to, as we have never evolved past brutal violence and hate. Sociology points to the tendency for an "in-group" to assert dominance over an "out group," and the "out-group" revolts against the pressure and ostracism of the "in-group." It's an endless cycle of chest-beating, dominance, assertions of power, demands for recognition.

    Some scholars think, it starts with OWNERSHIP and PRIVILEGE. It began with a notion that we own a certain land, a certain god, certain properties. It evolved with the notion that our kin, biologically linked, or socially linked, also owns and has distinct privilege of a certain material wealth. The idea begins, since everyone has this idea of privilege and ownership, that everyone else wants what "belongs to you." You must defend "it". THEY must defend "it." They are the out-group, you are the in-group. You are the in-group, they are the out-group.

    What, would happen to us, as a race, without corporeal bodies? Without material possessions? Would our disembodied, intellectual forces find new ways of classification, dominance, terror, and discrimination? Is our species flawed to the spiritual core, or is it the physical manifestation of difference that gives shape to our hatred? What do you think? Can we evolve past hate, or is it tied intrinsically with physical being?

    P.S. I don't have the answer, but it pains me.
    Tribe dynamics are what our psychology evolved to have. Tribes have to do various things in the wild that promote their continued survival. That means erratic violence to show the others you are not afraid to fight (wimps always eventually get picked on), but they don't fight so much that they wipe each other out. They also act randomly (not necessarily with reason) so that the others may not predict it coming. Lastly, the fear of being different (race, religion, etc) I believe goes back to an innate team building element in the brain as well as recognizing outsiders of the tribe. Outsiders are naturally treated with caution due to the aforementioned violence.

    Violence will go away as soon as we stop being human.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Good View Post
    We are jerks because women like jerks. A few generations of breeding with the nice guys is all it will take to shift the genes, ladies.
    LOL no way...

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