Tuesday's feed
I bit late to be reconstructing now, but I think it was:
B goat's milk latte, 3 egg scramble w/ half an avocado, tomato and green tomatillo salsa
L BAS w/ bell peppers, tomato, red cabbage, radishes, mushroom, smoked salmon
D walnuts, pork sausage and I partially gave into a craving and got some sugar-free dark chocolate which I ate melted w/ my goat/sheep yoghurt. Tasted really delicious at the time, but then I felt sick and bloated for a long time. Note to self: It's not worth it!

Wednesday's feed
B (pre-workout) goat's milk latte
B (post workout) blueberries w/ sheep/goat's milk yoghurt
L 3 egg omelette w/ spinach and chorizo
D small sweet potato w/ butter, and paleo pancakes w/ raspberries

Wednesday workout
Mr. Clean's metabolic catastrophe workout - 30 minutes of intervals: 40 seconds of as many reps as possible and then 20 sec recovery. Did deadlifts (40kg/88lbs); chest presses w/ 14kg dumbells; rows w/ the TRX; ball slams; lots of kettle bell work: weighted squats, swings, walking lunges, cleans, overhead presses, more rows. Afterwards I actually had to go lie down in the locker room before I had enough energy to leave. I made it home, got into bed with all my workout clothes still on (I did manage to take off my shoes) and slept for two hours. So I guess I'm not quite fat adapted. Ate fruit and a sweet potato and paleo pancakes in the hopes of feeling better...not sure it really helped.

Today's feed
B goat's milk latte, 3 egg omelette w/ 2 slices of bacon, spinach, goat's cheese
L BAS w/ purslane, swiss chard, purple carrots, bell peppers, purple cabbage, radishes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, beets, broccoli sprouts, roast beef, homemade vinaigrette
S walnuts
D pork bratwurst and sauerkraut

45+ min walking

So energy and mood have not been great this week - I think it's mostly stress. I have a lot of work to catch up on and the more I try to push myself, the more overwhelmed I feel and the less energy I have. Guilt takes a ton of energy; if only it burned calories too! Have been having some cravings, which I've mostly managed to avoid giving into. I did buy a package of walnuts this week - usually I can keep walnuts without abusing...not so at the moment.
Energy - :|
Mood - :|
Digestive health -
Sinus - :|
Stiffness - :|
Skin - :|
Sleep - woke up around 5 am