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Thread: Less veggies = less itching!

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    Less veggies = less itching!

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    Strange association, but maybe not! I cut out my cruciferous veggies (suffer with excessively itchy legs---for the past 4+ years) and my legs have not itched. I did test it last night with some broccoli and sauteed kale and had some intense itching before bed. This also concerns me about the health of my thyroid. I did start adding some Dulse flakes to my breakfast eggs. Any other recommendations to improve the functioning of my thyroid? It seems counterintuitive to cut out what seems to be healthy--but I guess it isnt for me.

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    Were the vegetables organic or conventional? Maybe it was a matter of pesticides/fungicides? Broccoli is also high in sulfur which can cause reactions in some people. Maybe itching is a side effect your body seems to have? I know I get side effects from eating too many cruciferous veggies, though I still eat brussels sprouts (Yum!).

    Not sure how you're connecting your thyroid to the crucis...So, I can't comment on this.

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