I'm new to this forum so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place or anything...

I've been looking at Paleo the past couple of months because it's the only diet which doesn't assume that the only thing I'm doing wrong is eating general rubbish (sweets, chocolate, cakes, fried food, acidic foods, blah blah blah -- I stopped eating these foods years ago so I am fed up of seeing advice which doesn't relate to me).

I have a stomach condition which the almighty Science doesn't really understand. It's bradygastria (in case anyone has the same thing and I'm not alone?!) in which the electrical rhythms of my stomach slow down dramatically when I don't eat. It's also a motility condition (something like that...) so I regurgitate my foods. I basically have what feels like the stomach of a baby who can't absorb complicated meals, most sauces with salads, or too much food at once, but I also have to eat every 3 hours.

If I can manage Paleo and it works for me then I will be cracking this condition, along with my others: thyroid disease (controlled by meds), reynauds (the genetic, not autoimmune, kind), polycystic ovaries, and hyper-mobility in the shoulders and ankles. I was pretty confident it was possible to crack all of these/manage them properly, until a shoulder which was operated on two years ago dislocated last night. So I need help! The paleo 'eat only when you're hungry' advice doesn't apply to me, while some of the tweaks to the diet contradict each other (I want to try and push my limits with strength and fitness, not just be healthy).

If I can do this, I'll be cracking five conditions...reckon it's possible?