Hi everyone,

I spent some time looking through the archives about cholesterol, but saw mostly posts from people worried about their numbers being too high.

Me? I've had low cholesterol (total) for my entire adult life. HDL numbers high end of reference range and LDL out of reference range low. Thus, the ratio was 0.8 the last time I checked. Triglycerides always low. I know total cholesterol isn't too meaningful at times, but mine has ranged from 112 to 150 (last time checked)over the past 20 years (I am 47). It has probably been tested 5 times over those years. Doctors raved about my low numbers; I was the star!

I have a long history of mild to moderate depression. I am an eating disorder kid from the 1980s, so my nutrition history is suspect. I spent 17 years messing with antidepressants, and finally ditched them in 2004 with the help of high dose Omega 3s (EPA especially).

My question is about raising cholesterol. Have any of you researched low cholesterol and the association with depression or other mood disorders? From cholesterol comes hormones, so it makes sense to me.

My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum. There is growing research regarding low cholesterol and Autism. His total cholesterol was 101 back when he was a toddler. At that time, he had horrible diarrhea the doctors lovingly referred to as "toddler diarrhea". Once we got his numbers up with diet and supplements, his diarrhea coincidentally (or not) disappeared. His panel mirrors mine. Our last alternative medicine MD wanted his total cholesterol around 180. Since those with SLOS can have symptoms of Autism, they are now even prescribing cholesterol supplements (Sonic; New Beginnings Nutritionals) for any child with total under 150. We've never done it; and I won't.

Bottom line question after too much information sharing: how far into PB should I go before I run a panel again. I do see an article about what to ask for when getting blood drawn, so I will take that info to my MD or naturopath if I can find a good one here in the Milwaukee area.

Thanks! I am just curious about what to expect with jumps in numbers. I feel pretty good, mood-wise, these days. Anxiety is lower since starting Paleo a month ago.