Yep, 50 years old in September. And, thanks to 2 years of primal I don't feel anywhere near that age. I am leaner and healthier than I was over the past 25 years. I eat primal, mostly lower carb. LHT, run some and am generally active.

At 5'3" and around 132 lbs, LHT added some great changes to my figure. That was the final thing that added a waiste line for me. Squats, pull ups, push ups and some free weights.

So, I am going to focus this next month on more strength training, and a bit less social eating and drinking. Summer has been a great time for hanging out with friends and family, but I want to dial that in for the short term. Looking for a bit more ab definition. I am not focused on weight loss, but will take it if it helps.

And, strength training, sprints, and no running for now. Thinking of working with a personal trainer as a birthday treat. I really want the focus on LHT.

Starting today with some good ole eggs, bacon and coconut oil coffee. Great start to day 1!