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    weight training.. postworkout meal.

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    so I love the primal diet, and I have thus far found it one of the most liberating diets in existence (never was one for pasta.. potatoes etc).

    My question relates to fats postworkout over carbohydrates. Can it be done and still experience optimal recovery?

    Also, bro-science would lead one to believe that fats postworkout actually encourage fat storage, is this true?

    I'm still new to the primal way of doing things, and the forums, so don't bite!

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    Potatoes are totally primal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilleh View Post
    Potatoes are totally primal
    But make them sweet potatoes....
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    Eat whatever you want after your workout - doesn't really matter - In my case and concerning your question - I tried the leangains approach for about 4 months -very low fat post workout - and I have, for the last month, been eating much higher fat after a workout and the results have been practically the same, I have increased muscle mass, strength, and a negligible, if any, amount of fat cause I can't really tell.
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