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Thread: Grass fed beef organic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecole66 View Post
    Yup many farmers are "country bumpkins" that can't read are probably smelly and dirty to. When was the last time you were even 10 miles outside of a city?
    I was being facetious, of course! Based on previous posts, I believe OP started this thread to do a little pro-vegetarian trolling. Lighten up. I grew up on a 7 acre truck farm. We grew all of our own food, including chickens and eggs. We had family members who had bigger farms where we slaughtered hogs and beef-made our own scrapple, sausage and rendered our own lard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbalch View Post
    I buy lamb, beef and chicken from three different local farmers. I have visited all of their farms. I trust them because I know them. They are not certified organic. I don't care.
    That's the way to do it. Know your farmer, know your food.

    Organic certification is an investment that allows a producer to sell for hella bux to people who don't look beyond the label.
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    "Shake the hand that feeds you." Is one of the sayings going around in the slow foods movement. I heartily agree!
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    What does organic certification mean in the US then? In the UK, meat can't be certified organic unless all its feed is organically produced also. (And at least 60% of the feed of grazing animals must be grass from the farm the animals live on.)

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