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Thread: Everything I've done is wrong

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    Everything I've done is wrong

    Here is my current tale of how everything I've done up to now has been wrong and how I hope to change it around!

    Over the last 10 years I've eaten about 1200 or less calories a day. At first I did lose weight. I got down to my lowest ever of 128 lbs, I would eat about 1500 calories a day of a "healthy" SAD diet, but without eating more and keeping up with my same activity's I was gaining weight. So I followed most diet books and cut my calories to 1200 and I worked out more, and it didn't work. My weight slowly over these last 10 years has been going up and I couldn't stop it. Seriously, I've done everything.

    I've got into running, cycling, walking very far distances everyday, barefoot running, lifting heavy weights. My last experiment these last 6 months has been intermittent fasting, and I'm now the heaviest I've ever been, its been a complete failure. During the days I've fasted I might eat about 600-800 calories a day. It wasn't working so I would push to see how many days I could do it, still no positive results.

    I've done everything wrong. I really wanted to be succeeding in weight loss by now, I've been primal for almost 2 years. Initially I lost 8 lbs when i first went primal, but then I bounced back to my old weight. When I tried fasting and I gained another 10 lbs.

    I"m finally deciding to throw my whole calories count mantra out the window. When I listened to Matt Stone on the Real Food Summit a few weeks ago I felt like he just explained my struggle over the last 10 years so well.

    I heard Matt Stone say (I'm paraphrasing since it was awhile ago when I heard this), "instead of cutting out the foods you can't eat, and only allotting yourself a certain number of calories. Instead you should try to eat as much healthy food as you can. Trying to cut calories almost always sets you up to failure."

    Those words hit me so hard. Screw the eat less mentality! It hasn't helped me at all! I'm now forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day again, even if I'm not hungry.

    I've been doing this for a few weeks so far and its been AMAZING. Here's whats happened:

    My weight has stopped drastically fluctuating, on any given day my weight could be 5lbs up or down. Now I hop on the scale its always near the same number.

    before I was a very cold person before, literally. My waking body temp would be in the low 97's and this is in the summer during a heatwave. I thought I might be hypothyroid, but my blood test proved negative. Today I woke up took my temperature and it was 98.4!

    Yesterday I ate 2,200 calories, a little more than my now usual 1,600-1,900 but I did do some lawn work. I woke up today and hopped on the scale, 1lbs lost!

    I feel pretty awesome, and I think this is how eating primal should be. I'll never try IF again, and I'll never eat 1200 calories or under again. I write this for all the women out there who are like me and think they are doing everything right, eating clean and eating very very little, counting every calorie, and nothing is working. Stop banging your head against the wall, and go eat nourishing food. It took me 10 years to figure this out. Lets see what the future holds for me. I'm 5'9, soon to be 30 and my goal is to get down to 140 lbs.
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