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Thread: Everything I've done is wrong

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    Yes, please put it back, I'd be very interested in reading it.

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    Here's the crazy thing. I've been trying to up my body temperature for months now. I know theres a big gap in the middle but you can see where I finally started eating enough food my body has begun to really turn around and today I finally hit 98.7! I can't remember when I've been in the normal temperature range.

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    Amen! I went through the same journey, albeit for not quite so long. My weight loss stalls and I gain weight when I don't eat enough. When I focus on eating 3 big meals a day, I "magically" lose weight. Eating 3 healthy, big meals does help me avoid snacking on not so healthy things as well. The trade-off is that my body likely gets more needed nutrients I figure, although similar amounts of calories. I hate to see women starving themselves to lose weight because that's not going to work. Good luck as you continue on your journey!

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    I'm also sorry to hear about the nasty posts. One of the best parts about the forums are people being supportive of one another and it sucks when that goes the other way. It is interesting about the long term dieting and not losing weight. I've been fat nearly all of my life, (I'm 51) and I've been on one diet or another for 80% of that time. Of course that is interspersed with binges and poor eating, then starving a few pounds off and gorging them back on.

    Until a few years ago I always lost weight pretty easily and I've always been warm (hands, feet, heart :-)) . So when I read that starvation downregulates body temperature as a way to conserve energy it made sense. Since turning fifty, my ability to lose weight has slowed and I notice that my body temperature is lower (entirely anecdotal, based on the way I feel, not by taking measurements).

    So I am particularly interested in what you are doing. Thanks for sharing it all.

    It's also "fucking sad" it took me FORTY years to figure out how to eat well. But a friend of mine, a few years older than me, just died of a heart attack. So I guess it is better late than never to do what is right.

    Keep going! :-)

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    You did not tone at all
    I wasn't blaming or making a joke
    I really did find it sad. It touched me, the way you said it, how strong is the concept of 'eat less'.
    I'm sorry if you were offended
    That was not my intention at all.
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?

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    your story isn't so different from mine. I spent 12 years as a vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan and ultimately could not lose the weight I needed to lose. Now that I'm eating this way, the weight is coming off again. Most people truly do not understand what it's like to be overweight, or the extreme pressure that puts on us to count calories, etc. Society is programmed to think that if you weigh too much, you're just a gluttonous sloth... which as you and I know extremely well is not the truth. I used to spend days marveling at the amount of food my thin friends could shovel away without gaining a pound. Unfortunately, nutrition just doesn't work the same for all of us.

    I do still track what I eat, but I make it a point to never eat less if I am hungry. I use cronometer and I just make sure I eat enough to get all the vitamins and minerals I need each day, and to never be hungry. It happens that I average between 1000 and 1200 calories a day at the moment, but I really don't think calories are something we should try to limit. That just happens to be what I'm feeling full and satisfied on at the moment.

    So I say good for you! Keep doing what you're doing, and as long as you're feeling good and seeing progress, you'll know you are on the right path.

    PS... I agree, Gilleh is an insensitive idiot. Just ignore them.

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