Im a lurker,might have posted 1 or 2 times, but i really am baffled as to why my scales wont budge, i dont use them regularly and have always hated them , anyway been primal since jan i've gotten smaller and lots comments like "gosh what happened to you", last time before today i went on scale was around feb i think, i just finished whole 30 which i followed religiously, tum looks way flatter and abs visible, face thinner,bum and thighs too, can fit in jeans i havent in years so i got excited thinking finally have lost weight but nop! not even a pound.

my bf made me stand on scale while he looked because he thought i was joking that i havent lost anything while he lost 12lb in 30 days

anyone in similar situation? i sprint, am very strong,lht and crossfit 2x a wk, i know muscle weighs more than fat but why not even a lb or 2 ?

come on people talk to me