Good day everyone! Hope you all are having a good day, or evening if you're in the US/Western Hemisphere.

For work reasons, I've recently relocated to Kabul, Afghanistan where I shall be for one year, at least. I'm finding following the PB here to be quite difficult due to the lack of common food I'm used to back at home.

The vegetables I get are bought from local, outdoor shops on the dusty roads. They usually have a layer of the road on them before I wash. I'm concerned that just rinsing them off in purified water isn't good enough. Are there any ways to sort of decontaminate local produce that has for sure been on the road and handled by many people?

The meat is another big issue for me. I get the meat from a local butcher, however I don't know if it's grassfed and trying to communicate that in Dari is not easy. For ground beef, which I use most due to lack of time to cook, I buy frozen from a foreigner supermarket. Would you opt to buy from the butcher or from the latter?

Finally, getting the essential fats that I've come to love is difficult. I have access to butter (non-grass fed probably), and EVOO. I have found a brand of coconut oil, however its really odd. The color resembles a light syrup color and is sweet. It's not clear white that I'm use to. I'm not sure if it's healthy to use or not and am wondering if anyone has found anything similar in their use of coconut oil? I'd like to use it if it's good.

Also, what is curd? I found this yogurt-type substance in the store but I'm not sure what it's used for.

Thanks for all of your help and advice.

- Jesse