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Thread: Quick question..

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    I've done that myself - it's hard to maintain the "tone" you intend isn't it?

    As for "eat too many calories and you won't lose weight - with you all the way on that one. Just currently trying to work out what my limits are and how to manipulate the actual composition of what I consume to maximise the effects I am looking for.

    Anyways, nice to "talk" to you.

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    I don't have a dog in the calories fight. But I had a similar experience to you. I was following a Paleo diet for about a month before coming here to PB. I started early in July and got down to about 250 lbs one Friday. I weighed myself on Monday and was 256! The weekend was not bad food-wise, I ate mostly primally, but not bad, I hadn't binged. I had exercised, though not as much as the preceding week . I was at a loss to say how my weight could've changed so much.

    So I think that during the week I had become dehydrated, I was exercising too much maybe and depleted my Glycogen stores. When I eased off of the throttle over the weekend, the stores went up and I replenished my hydration level.

    I don't look fatter, clothes still fit so I'm not too bummed by it, but I have put the scale away and will now only weigh myself 1X/week.
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