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Thread: Durian rider is pretty douchey, but page 4

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    I tried to be a raw vegan for awhile. I became vegetarian for ethical reasons (I don't even like squishing bugs or spiders!)... and read a lot of raw vegan stuff and thought "gee this makes so much sense!" but I couldn't do it lol. I like my food too much...

    Then I did some reading... and I think Nutrition and Physical Degeneration did it for me... after reading that I couldn't stay vegetarian all that much longer.

    Went primal and have just stuck with it 100% for the past few weeks in a way I could NEVER stick with raw vegan. Ever.

    I remember seeing a video by durianrider that made me laugh because he basically was trying to compare paleo people with raw vegan people and said he couldn't find any good "afters" of paleo people... yeah right... cause there are no paleo success stories online ... he put in a couple of bad pictures of people who were paleo, and no good ones, implying that it's impossible to lose weight and look good on a paleo diet. Yup. (Oh here's the link to it...Paleo girls VS Vegan Girls: What's best for weight loss & vitality? - YouTube) So yeah, really not biased much, is he? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadsie View Post
    Btw, what is the guy trying to accomplish? He hardly talks about the benefits of raw vegan. He only attacks the primal diet. If he actually wants to accomplish something for example convert primal people to raw vegan then he's not doing it the right way. You just can't take him serious this way unless you're already a vegan yourself
    He's one of the top 10 youtube income earners in Australia. Being a nutty comical loud mouth can pay off in this day and age. He's not exactly doing veganism any image favors in the scheme of things though, I know he's played a pretty big part in converting a lot of vegans to omnivores.

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    i checked out his vids...seems like a devoted primal nut to me...he has found a way that works for him and seems hell bent on wanting everyone else to subscribe to his way....I am sure eating fruits only will result in weightloss, all the fruitarians I know are skinny as fck. Just not sure about the long term health implications.

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    According to the chart I linked to earlier, you would have to eat 9lbs of sweet fruit every day to get enough calories. 30 bananas sounds like about the right amount (minus peels). But that's just calories. You'd be missing the other nutrients needed for health. And none of us knows what is happening to his insulin sensitivity. Anecdotal reports suggest fruitarians have a lot of diabetes-like symptoms. Diabetes is worse than insulin resistance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgotmylastusername View Post
    He's one of the top 10 youtube income earners in Australia. Being a nutty comical loud mouth can pay off in this day and age. He's not exactly doing veganism any image favors in the scheme of things though, I know he's played a pretty big part in converting a lot of vegans to omnivores.
    Hey, I look at it this way: We need the douche bags & the nut jobs, not just about diet & health, but all subjects really, to get those huge % of people sitting on the fence to make a more decisive proactive change. Or at the very least to form an opinion, 1 way or another, as that's better than remaining ignorant & stuck, doing nothing. Sometimes it's the nuts & fruits that bring about change. Maybe this guy is part of the solution, instead of being a problem. And like someone said, he's probably a great recruiter away from raw fruitarianism, which did so much good for the health & longevity of people like Steve Jobs. Oh wait...
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    Durianrider: A wastrel artificially kept alive with b-vitamin injections. Move along.

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    If it wasn't for Durianrider (who's advice I followed for a couple of years) I wouldn't have heard about paleo/primal! All his knocking paleo/primal has only encouraged me to try it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karma33 View Post
    I have seen this guy criticizing paleo/primal diets and advocating a raw vegan lifestyle. I, personally could not imagine feeling full eating a raw vegan diet. Maybe i am wrong? It seems to me that most raw vegan types are usually naturally thin people that are generally disinterested in food. I think it is most natural that we evolved to eat animal proteins and fat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Outside of the supposed ethical argument, i cannot understand why anyone would not eat animal sources of fat and protein. It is way more satisfying than any vegan food, and more nutritionally dense.

    But, to be fair to this angry vegan, maybe I should do primal for a period of time, see how I look, feel, and perform, then do the same with raw vegan diet. But, i really dont want to eat that way, and vegans are so annoying. What do you guys think? Anyone willing to try it. I really dont think i could last a day eating that way, but?
    So this guy really pisses me off. I can't stand his style of argument. He's just mean! Being that I am a health coach who is getting certified through Integrative Nutrition, before I got the paleo primal lectures that included one by Mark Sisson I was encouraged to go vegan then vegetarian for at least 20 weeks. Each week was more vegan or vegetarian based nutrition. This guy durian rider was not on the list of speakers but having been pale/primal for 4 years I am curious to see what would happen if I try a vegan diet. So after buying the 80-10-10 book that they love so much by Dr. Douglas Graham and taking careful consideration of my need for b12 supplements, I have decided to give it a try for 30 days. If it doesn't hurt the way I look, feel and perform, then I can lay it to rest.

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    Durianrider is a troll, he lives on fruit, don't feed the trolls, therefore trolls eat fruit. Destroy all fruit.
    You are an animal on this planet and the rules of engagement are non negotiable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaveBug View Post
    Durianrider is a troll, he lives on fruit, don't feed the trolls, therefore trolls eat fruit. Destroy all fruit.
    lol, there are only a few animals in nature that only eat fruits.

    Fruit Bat

    Most fruit bats have large eyes, allowing them to orient themselves visually in twilight and inside caves and forests...

    The teeth are adapted to bite through hard fruit skins.

    Fruit bats have been found to act as reservoirs for a number of diseases which can prove fatal to humans and domestic animals,[10] but the bats themselves sometimes have no signs of infection.

    Fruit bats are considered a delicacy by South Pacific Islanders as well as in Micronesia. Consumption has been suggested as a cause of Lytico-Bodig disease on the Micronesian island of Guam, through bioaccumulation of a plant toxin that the bats are immune to.[13]

    Durian Rider

    See the resemblance?

    Looks like he's adapting himself to the fruit eating lifestyle: big buggy eyes, buck teeth.

    He claimed the locals gave him durians for free, may be because they consider fruit eating animals delicacies and they're fattening him up for eating

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