I have seen this guy criticizing paleo/primal diets and advocating a raw vegan lifestyle. I, personally could not imagine feeling full eating a raw vegan diet. Maybe i am wrong? It seems to me that most raw vegan types are usually naturally thin people that are generally disinterested in food. I think it is most natural that we evolved to eat animal proteins and fat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Outside of the supposed ethical argument, i cannot understand why anyone would not eat animal sources of fat and protein. It is way more satisfying than any vegan food, and more nutritionally dense.

But, to be fair to this angry vegan, maybe I should do primal for a period of time, see how I look, feel, and perform, then do the same with raw vegan diet. But, i really dont want to eat that way, and vegans are so annoying. What do you guys think? Anyone willing to try it. I really dont think i could last a day eating that way, but?