I'm a newbie by username, but believe me, I've been lurking around the forum for a while, reading up on everything I could, looking at success stories and thinking that'll be me in a year, oh... you know...the usual things you go through as an aspiring healthy person.

I gave primal a go ever since last summer, a bit on and off at first and did manage to lose a bit of weight, about 5 lbs and then I went almost full primal the only exception being a few beers once in a while. That didn't help with the weight loss that much but I just thought that it might be because I'm female and I generally shed weight very slowly, buuuut I did feel much much better in other ways - less bloated, happier, lighter and generally enjoyed life more.

I truly believe that primal is the healthiest lifestyle, it makes complete sense and I want to make it work for me. God this sounds cheesy but I really want to be one of those success stories but my stupid brain won't let me. It might be low self esteem, a big tendency to procrastinate, stress about work and lack of money (as a fresh university graduate, life isn't all that rosey hehe)...I don't know, but I've fallen off the wagon and started eating comfort foods again and I can see myself slowly going back to how things were before, and I really really don't want to. I can see myself getting lazier and less excited about life, less inclined to believe that I'll ever lose weight.

I know this might sound pathetic, or just like the other millions of overweight people out there who say they want to lose the weight, start crying and then dive into a pepperoni pizza for comfort. I know! I see them on TV and think, oh come on, that's now what you should be doing...but as we speak I have a bag of chocolate raisins sitting on the table and that stupid voice in your head that says..."Hey...they're just chocolate raisins man, they don't really count, you'll get back on track tomorrow".

What I'm trying to say is I could use some support, and believe me I'm usually the last one to ask for help since I've been brought up believing that I can and should try to sort everything out for myself...but I think I've reached a point where that isn't working out for me anymore and instead of sulking in self pity I chose to come here asking for help/support/tips/random grunts/whatever

Thanks for reading the rant

P.S. Promise won't touch the chocolate raisins