I'm kind of lazy about math, but I finally got around to calculating my exact calorie requirements, and macronutrient calculations and I'm wondering if my numbers seem reasonable. (Hey there's a reason why I became a Social Studies teacher instead of a math teacher!) As a female in my mid 50's, just 5'0" tall, trying to go from 134 lbs (27% body fat, 98% lean body mass to at least 20%), I wanted to try to lose five pounds in a month (actually, 15 over the next 3 months). I came up with a calorie expenditure of 1160 to do that (1743 daily calories minus 583 to lose the weight). Does that seem too low? Is there a limit to how low a middle aged women should go?

I will do what I have to, but I don't want to sabotage myself with a goal that leads me into starvation mode. I would exercise more (I exercise 3-4 times a week....weights, yoga, kickboxing DVDs... and walk my dogs everyday for at least 30 minutes.) but I don't want to go too hard. Is what I'm doing counted as Moderate or Light Activity? Anyone have any ideas on this? 1160 isn't very much! Thanks in advance for any help or ideas anyone might have on this!