For a while, I've been following the practices of LeanGains and currently have no worries about getting daily protein requirements. Despite the 16 hour fasting every day, I am still eating over 200g of protein every day. For the sake of accelerating fat loss, I want to try occasional 24 hour fasts. This would mean missing out on those 200g for a day. Should this be a concern for someone who wants to preserve and build muscle. Should I increase my protein intake on other days to keep my daily average at 200g? Should I take a few grams of BCAAs throughout the day (which isn't enough to break the fast)? Are the perhaps muscle building benefits to going without protein for that long?

And on a slight tangent: I'm guessing that if I fasted for 24 hours, the best time would be nearby the carb refeed characteristic of LeanGains. Would that best time be before or after the refeed?

Thank you