Day 34ish...I went primal on July 1st, today is August 3rd. (4th technically since it's past midnight, but that doesnt count in my book)

So far this is working. I figured starting a journal was the next logical step to keep me "On track"

Diet is good, but living out of a hotel in Mexico has been presenting some unique challenges.

Workouts and Primal exercise are going and although fun, I am a bit sore from not working out in well, forever.

I like being outdoors, and love to do stuff like white water rafting, rock climbing, and swim. I however, and very out of shape for these things as my last rafting/climbing adventure ended up with a sprained ankle and a few cracked ribs... I think I am out of shape because I love to watch movies and cook. I love to read, usually non-fiction/business type stuff.

I am engaged to a wonderful, beautiful, talented, smart and loving girl, KP. We are getting married in October. (I will probably end up sharing her artwork throughout this journal as she sends me sketches every day!)

I am not sure how I stumbled onto the primal lifestyle. I signed up for the emails and after the first 7, downloaded the 101 pdf. After reading the 101, I thought I would peek around on here. After a bit, finally signed up for the forum and here we go. I firmly believe in supporting the people who impact my life, hence I bought the book. I agreeded with Mark in just about everything, so I think I might buy a few books and give them out as gifts. (Thoughts? I did this with Dave Ramsey books a while back with mixed responses. Dave Ramsey is a great read on financial stuff, but I think some people in my family took it the wrong way.)

I recently also purchased the 90 day journal. I promise I will not let that collect dust. (Please hold me to this) For a "primal journal" it is a very pretty book. I almost feel bad writing it in. If I get the chance to talk to Mark some day, I'll let him know the journal should have been made of parchment and bound by the hide of some animal!

Planned future posts: (In no particular order)
Cardio in Mexico - How to survive a cartel shootout
LHT - The VW Beetle that parked me in.
Eating and Shopping, NOT in your language (Fun times in the grocery store)
Micheladas - Poor Grok never got to try one. (Vices)
Primal grilling - As taught to kids in Mexico (How to host a Carne Asada)
...and many more

Well, this is where we end post 1. Saludos!