Hi guys, I recently acquired a biggish tractor tyre (circa 3 1/2ft tall) and I bought a sledgehammer, it's only a 10lb but it's the biggest I could get in all of the DIY shops in the area (was also the cheapest which is weird)

Anyway, I'm going to try and destroy it tomorrow, but I'm looking for an exercise that I can superset with it. The only things I can think of are kb/db snatches and bb clean and (push)press.

Oh, I also got a pair of 19.5 ltr water cooler bottles with the think handles on the side for some farmers walks, atlas stone etc. any idea how much one would weigh filled with wet sand?

Really looking to do some work outdoors at the minute as the weather is so nice. Top up on some vitamin D while I'm there.

Thanks, Chris.