HUGE success story for me today, and it doesn't even have to do with me really!

I took a trip home a few weeks ago (after being primal-ish for about a month and religiously reading MDA), and talked to my sister about why grains are bad for us. She is a huge allergy sufferer and has been her whole life, even took spring break her senior year of high school to have nasal surgery to help alleviate the problems. Well, surprise, it didn't work, and at age 25 she's still suffering.


I just talked to her and she told me that she ate no bread for 5 days, during which her allergies abated and she felt fantastic. Then the next 3 days she ate like "normal" and her allergies instantly flared up again. She said, and I quote, "No more bread for me for a loooong time!"

She might not be primal yet, but she just took a huge step to a better life, and I couldn't be more excited for her! This just goes to show that if we have friends and family who are suffering, we sometimes just need to plant the seed and let it do its work until they are ready to make a change.

Whose life have you helped change? Whose life would you like to help change?