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Thread: General hobby/craft making stuff thread

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    You are all so talented!

    I do a lot of stuff. Here's some photos of a few things I've done:


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    I make jams and do a lot of caning type activities but most of my time is spent making homemade liquor concoctions. Currently, I have brewing vin de noix, a French recipe using green walnuts, wine, brandy and spices. It's supposed to taste like Christmas Also have the Italian version, nocino, curing in my booze closet. Pics below - alsso put in a pic of some lovely strawberry-infused vodka I made for my birthday.

    Vin de Noix.jpgIMG_0610.jpg

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    I've been busy shoveling tons of dirt so not much time for hobbies. Taking tomorrow off to go canoeing though, YAY! I'm going to start experimenting with rammed earth this weekend. I'll probably have to do a bunch of tests before I figure it out. All the shoveling is to change the grade around the garage and since our lot has a pretty steep slope so I've dug some steps into the side going up around the back of the garage which we're building an apartment on top of. I want to make rammed steps, basically miniature walls, to reinforce them. Here's a picture of the side (with my shifty eyed dog, Kitty) before the steps were cut.

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