Rather than being dedicated to a specific craft I figured a general hobby thread would be a good idea for people to talk about the things they make/do, from textiles to woodworking, fixing up cars or art projects. I've found that there's some overlap in skills as well so often read about things that don't necessarily apply to my projects. For instance, I just bought some steel pieces and find myself in auto-body forums looking for tips on removing rust or fixing dents. I've been working on some live edge shelves off an on for a while, need to get back to them, and am almost done with a small chest of drawers with corian top and bottom that I refinished. And I have a steel shop table underway. I always have too many irons in the fire.

Also, if you want to show off what you've done or are working on you can do it here. I like to see other people's work. Here are a couple of posts from LJ from things I do, which is mostly hacking or rehabbing furniture. The second one is the two new pieces.

hip_domestics: The dresser that tried to kill me

hip_domestics: Metal furniture restoration

I'm also interested in concrete or possibly rammed earth, although on a smaller scale. For instance, the possibility of making rammed earth benches or planters.