Two successes since going Primal/Paleo:

- I'm regrowing hair I had been losing. Over the last few years I noticed thinning at my hairline. (Somewhat oddly, it was almost exclusively on my left side). I went Primal in April (at least 80% - only transgressions have been a slice of gluten free pizza, and eating too much grain-fed meat/eggs). In June I whipped out my scissors and clippers and cut my hair (as I've done every month - six weeks for the last 20 years). Afterwards I was checking my work when I noticed all these short (maybe 1/4 - 3/8 in) blond hairs in the area that had been thinning.. I thought, "Did I miss with the clippers and buzz that area accidentally??" (It's on top where I only use scissors). Then it dawned on me that I might actually be regrowing hair... About a month later, and it's obvious my hair is getting thicker. My girlfriend doesn't seem to (want to) quite believe it - supporting this wacky way of eating - she's a grain addict..

- Better blood work (though my doc doesn't really like the numbers):

Total Cholesterol = 249 mg/dL
HDL = 60 mg/dL
LDL = 179 mg/dL
Triglycerides = 50 mg/dL

Triglycerides down and HDL up... Excellent. Yeah, my LDL is a bit high, but as has been discussed elsewhere, without knowing the particle size you don't know much.