I work in a company and atmosphere where you can go a month or more without really seeing some of your coworkers. There are over 400 of us working on two different floors plus branches in a couple of different cities. And I switched departments about five months ago, about the same time I committed to living primal. I've lost a lot of weight since then, and people are really starting to notice. Which is awesome, don't get me wrong! I love it. And I especially love when people ask me, "So what are you doing?" because it gives me a rational reason to wax poetic about this lifestyle, which I love and which has done wonders for my health.

But I'm getting, so, SO tired of the conversation that inevitably follows.

"So what are you doing?"

"Well, I cut out all grains and all added sugar. I don't drink sodas, regular or diet. I make sure I get a lot of healthy fats in my diet so I don't get hungry between meals, and right now I'm keeping my carbohydrate intake pretty low. I donít eat a lot of fruit, but I do eat a lot of vegetables. Oh, and I donít eat between meals."

Response #1: "Grain, grain, what is grain?!"
It always floors me how many people don't know what grains are. I'm not talking about quinoa, amaranth, even such wildly esoteric things as barley! I'm talking about lacking the basic bread=grain connection. And these aren't stupid people. They're just heinously, heinously under-informed about their food. (Okay, granted, I'm actually kind of... chronically over-informed about my food. But still!)

Response #2: "Oh, I could never do that!"
This makes me a little crazed because -- Well, actually, you can. You just don't want to. Which is fine, I respect other people's choices! But it irritates me when people say they can't. I came to primal drinking corn syrup sodas and with a 90% McDonalds and Doritos diet. I was a baker. I thought spaghetti was a food group, and Starbucks the conveyer of all god's blessings to the chosen. Ben & Jerry probably listed me as a major investor on their annual reports. I was a wreck, and Iím coming back from it, and Iím nothing really special in the willpower department. It just burns me when people say ďI canítĒ when what they really mean is ďI wonít.Ē I didnít lose almost 80 lbs eating low carb-style-primal because I have some kind of special super power. I lost it because I was desperate enough to do something hard to get something good in return. (Note: I know this isnít entirely rational, because most people are sadly uninformed about how nutrition affects health. When people say this to me, I usually just smile and nod and change the subject. But I canít deny I walk away a little pissed off.)

Response #3: "You donít eat grains? Honey, you shouldnít starve yourself to lose weightÖ"
I know thatís well-intentioned, but since I usually run into them at the coffee kiosk next to my desk or in the cafeteria, it means Iíve usually just had breakfast or lunch. Imagine me hearing that when Iím stuffed to the gills with eggs, berries, salmon, avocado and onion. Or pork roast leftovers slow-cooked in coconut milk and two avocados. I admit it, when I hear that, I just laugh. I do get hungry sometimes, but I have to go a long way past a regular mealtime to get there. Starving is what theyíre doing, with their Lean Cuisine lunches and skim milk and slimcados. Iím eating just fine.

Sorry for the self-righteous rant, I just needed to get that out!