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Thread: Chronic digestive problems =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siren View Post
    That was the initial thought, when all this started 6 years ago. But it was so random, coming and going, and for the first 6 months of being Primal all was good. Then I went to North Carolina for a week, and it's been a major problem ever since. Some days I'm fine. Some days I'm really bad. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it, except the handful of symptoms that keep coming and going cyclically. If it is my gall bladder, is there any way to fix it w/o having it removed? Is there a way to test my gall bladder function to see if that's really the case?
    Hi Siren,
    I'm not an expert by any means but have worked w/ a general surgeon for 13 yrs. Sure sounds a lot like GB symtoms. A HIDA scan, which is a nuclear medicine test, would be able to tell you the percentage ejection fraction of your GB. Some people can go years with a low GB EF% with occasional symtoms. Some doctors consider an EF of less than 50% abnormal and others it's gotta be less than 30% for abnormal. Unfortunately, if it is abnormal, there isn't anything you can do (that I know of) to improve that function.

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    You sound like you have what is known in the Osteopathic world as somatic dysfunction influencing your digestive issues. I treat this stuff on a regular basis with very good success when modern medicine can't pin-point a diagnosis. I use a technique called Strain and Counterstrain. You can go online to The Jones Institute and search and see if there is a practitioner close to you that has taken the visceral and lymphatics (VL) class. You may find acupuncture helpful as well.

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    digestive issues

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    Been there with the acid reflux, and digestive problems-- food not breaking down properly and eliminating chunks of food when voiding. I found what works the best, after all the money I put out and all the supplements I've tried is wholy tea. Now I don't sell this stuff and I'm not endorsing it --it just works and it assists your body to fix the problems so it works properly again .I found the best prices for this are on ebay, so I suggest reading up about it and giving it a try. I still, after 2 months of taking the tea 2 times a day get a short bout of acid reflux if I indulge in too many acidy foods but my digestion is back to normal and I have proper bowel movements/ voiding with very little to no chunks showing up -- corn never seems to properly break down in me

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