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Thread: Let's talk hunger, snacking, and foods one is "allowed" to eat

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    Let's talk hunger, snacking, and foods one is "allowed" to eat

    I’m 30yo male. I’m active blueprint style i.e. no chronic cardio, and I’m not a gym rat, although I do occasional sprints and I do short weight sessions twice a week. I'm not trying to lose wait, but I want to keep the "in shape toned look" that I have. I’ve been tailoring my diet to primal for about 14-16 months or so as a rough guess.

    My problem is there are times I lapse into eating a biscuit, or some flatbread, or other none-primal stuff. I know we’re not allowed nuts, dairy, artificial sweeteners, grains, etc etc. I generally can avoid that stuff when I’m sane. It’s when I get the hunger pang or when I wake up at night and go to the fridge, and there isn’t anything appealing to snack on. I'm seeking help from you on adding variety,

    Cheese (dairy) and Fruit are also “not allowed” I think or if they are they’re supposed to be “in moderation”. For me “in moderation” is code for “there should be some guilt attached in eating it”, reason is I figure if something’s whole food and/or good to eat you might as well eat it and enjoy it without regret. I’m NOT talking about gorging yourself until you’re sick, but I mean you should be able to eat the food with a clear conscience no? That’s why I consider “eat in moderation” foods to be essentially “not allowed”.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to tailor my meal plan according to what’s allowed, and I’m finding compliance tough.

    A typical meal plan:

    Day 1:

    Breakfast – omelete, 2 sausage links or patties, and some fruit salad.
    Lunch – protein snack bar or nuts
    Dinner – Large salad
    Dessert - Apple

    Day 2:

    Breakfast – none
    Lunch – various meats from the buffet at work
    Dinner – 3 beef patties
    Dessert – Greek yogurt with berries.

    Often I don’t really have lunch and breakfast on the same day. This is to avoid wasting money in cafeterias, and also to keep calories in if I have a large breakfast I'm not hungry at 1 or 2 pm (though I may be hungry at about 5 pm, at which stage I'll eat some no-nos like nut bars if I see them).

    I have a glass or two of wine every evening, and I will drink socially on a Friday and/or Saturday.


    I still get times when I’m really hungry. Like today morning, hit the weights, no time for breakfast. On way to work, CVS—protein bar (not organic) and zero calorie drink. Ugh. But I NEEDED to eat something!

    I often wake up hungry at night. Not always but 3-4 times a week. I know this sounds funny given that I can IF fine on some days.

    I get ‘leaf fatigue’. I can tolerate a salad 3/5 meals but more than that it drives me crazy. I think the trick here is perhaps I need to discover new dressings?

    Related to the above, I need to expand my variety. I'll look for paleo lists. Did you all have challenges with variety at some point?

    I will sometimes eat a slice of bread not because I was seeking it, but because it's the only thing available. But then even cheese and fruit or nuts wouldnt' be much better, would it?


    I can fast (IF) occasionally for 24 hours with no problem. I do it about every 10 days and I’m fine.

    Get lots of comments on "looking fit and healthy" which is good. Especially from people that

    I’m getting off of ‘sweet’. I’d stopped with the sugar drinks, but was drinking coke zeros and other stuff with artificial sweeteners*. I’ve actually reduced that a lot.

    I dont' feel groggy or sleepy in the afternoons. Ever.

    I wake up naturally with no alarm (this is odd--has this happened to anyone else too?)

    I don't get sick. No more sniffles, sneezing, etc.

    This has been a great success, and really changed my life for the better. I'm excited about a long energetic healthy life!

    *As an aside I don’t believe that “artificial sweeteners cause weight gains”, honestly I think that’s something that’s repeated by people that it has taken a life of its own. I lost weight back in the day the minute I switched from sugar to zero-calorie drinks. How can sugar bombs with their link to diabetes be better for you than zero calorie sweeteners? The reason IMO to avoid sweeteners is to get off of the artifical chemicals, and even more important, the "unnatural, concentrated sweetness". I now enjoy fruits and sparkling water a lot more!
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