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Thread: Let's talk hunger, snacking, and foods one is "allowed" to eat

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    You're hungry because you're not eating enough, plain and simple. Have some almond butter or nuts to round out that apple/snack. Consider lettuce wrapping your beef patties and adding a few pieces of bacon and maybe half an avocado. Make sure your BAS has lots of meat and healthy fats too! Adding some hard-boiled eggs, meat, avocados, olives, perhaps some nuts, and a good assortment of veggies and a primal salad dressing should do the trick.

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    i would log everything you eat in something like for a couple of days to check how many calories you are getting and what proportion of fat, protein and carbs. you could enter in all the info you have told us and it will calculate for you.
    You will then have some idea of if you are eating enough and also the proportions. Looking at your food log not sure you are getting healthy fats.

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