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Thread: calories= roller coaster

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    Question calories= roller coaster

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    Is this healthy to eat to how you feel

    Like some days 2 meals others 3 but mainly they go from

    1700-2500 or more

    but day to day varies

    like this week 2450 then 2200 then 2800 then 1800
    is that bad? will it actually be good for the metabolism.?

    plus is it a way to lose weight too i need to drop 6 pounds

    doing a very low carb under 10 grams carbs a day keeping fat ratio 60-65 percent and potein the rest
    with 2-3 percent carbs.

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    You aren't a machine. Your life isn't an assembly line. It's totally normal to be hungrier some days and less hungry others. Sometimes I will eat a lot for a while and then be satisfied and not want to eat much at all for a while. Eating this way has nothing necessarily to do with losing 6lbs, though.
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    10 gms of carbs is pretty low, but if you feel okay, it probably won't hurt you for a quick 6 pound loss.

    If you start covering your windows with newspapers or thinking your neighbors are sneaking carbs into your mailbox, you might want to raise the carbs just a tad.

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    ladies, i have seen natosha on other boards. she is extremely underweight and suffers badly from disordered eating.

    please, dear, get some medical help.
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