I always thought that i had the opposite of an addictive personality as I've never had many of the issues that many of my peers have had with smoking, drinking, recreational drugs etc. But since reading about the primal lifestyle i've come to the conclusion that i am more of an addict than i thought possible!! My sugar cravings are complete, all ecompassing and overwhelming. I've managed a few days eating primally, no sugar, no grains and it feels so right! But i relapsed and have been binging on bags of sweets, secretly, just like a true addict! I'm shocked and appalled by my behaviour now i see it for what it is.

So here i am. Sooooooooo determined to get through the first few weeks and start feeling normal. I've come here, to write this journal for my own beneifit, to track my progress and keep me focused. Motivation comes from inside me, to feel better, stronger, happier and to be a better role model for my little girl. I don't want her growing up seeing me eat the crap i've been eating!

I am female, 5' 6", weigh 168Ib, age 34

Breakfast: Avocado x2
Lunch: tinned sardines and salad
Dinner: slow cooked beef with veg x lots
Snacks: Nuts mixed/fruit (in season)