Hi All - any suggestions on the below? I'll give it to you as it unfolded.




(TLDR: girlfriend refuses to cook primal for me because 1) she can't; 2) she doesn't believe my stomach fat is diet-related. She sees my suggestion that I cook my own dinners as taking away one important thing she currently brings to the table in our relationship).

RC: "So I'm going to need you to make some changes to the dinners you cook. Specifically no grains, no sugar, etc etc"

GF: "Well that doesn't leave much. Most Japanese dishes contain either sugar (or mirin) or rice."

RC: "Nah, it's cool. Just make a big-ass salad every night with your delicious homemade dressings. Grill up some meat."

GF: "Yes but you are taking away my specialty, the thing that I used to seduce you in the first place, my cooking."

RC: "It's ok, don't worry about it. Let's just try this."

GF: "You eat healthily and work out already and you still have a soft stomach. I'm eating rice and sugar and my body is tight like a taiko drum. Boom boom boom!" (ok, maybe not her exact words but you get the picture).

RC: "Yeah but that's because you're Japanese. Ok I tell you what, it sounds like it might be a bit hard for you so how about I start making my own dinners too. I already cook up a storm and make all my breakfasts and lunches for the week on Sunday evening."

GF: "Well where does that leave me? You are already covering the rent until I find a job, and so now my only contribution will be keeping the house clean. I am a woman and therefore my purpose is to serve you, and you are preventing me from fulfilling this purpose."

RC: "Aw baby don't be like that. We'll work it out. I'm sure."