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Thread: The California treatment

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    I mean, yes, I've heard of people hating on New England and Massholes plenty over the course of my life. I've never lived out of state, but I've traveled. I've never been treated poorly (even in Maine, and I've gone there a lot) by telling people I'm from Boston. They usually just remark that I don't have an accent. I just don't understand why people pick on that area more than others, or that's how it seems here. Maybe it's just because most people here on the forums are not from the NE area so it's more concentrated.
    i don't know really. like i had mentioned in an earlier post, i lived there for 4 years and was utterly disgusted with the behaviors i saw on a daily basis. it took every ounce of strength i had not to lose my mind while living there and i was a different person once i got the heck out of boston. and i've had people from all over the country tell me the exact same thing. the metro-boston area is just a different planet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    We couldn't get a single Parisian to look us in the face, much less answer a question posed in honest inquiry. The waiters were surly.
    Not my experience at all, and I don't speak a lick of French. My foreign travel is pretty limited -- London, Paris and Amsterdam.

    London's beautiful and the people are nice -- but a little remote.

    Amersterdam's also pretty but a little small for my taste. Americans who like college towns, as opposed to real big cities, seem to like it.

    Paris was awesome.

    Also: never been there but everyone I've met from Philly was seriously messed up.

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    When we lived in Idaho the locals there despised people from California...I had never seen that before, having come from the East!

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    Being a military spouse, I've had the "pleasure" of moving,visiting,and working in many different parts of the country. Being a native long island girl from ny, my first move to Seattle was eye opening. I absolutely loved the PNW. I was privileged enough to teach there as well. Coming from NY w a masters and teaching in a more liberal area was completely baffling,but I learned a ton in 3 years. WA state people were so kind, helpful,and gracious. I want to move back!!!

    Also lived a few hrs south of Atlanta. Cutlture shockkkk! Didnt hate it, but didnt love it. Couldn't say nice enough things about the people there either (besides our house getting robbed by a crack whore. Literally only stole my clothes and shoes, not my hubbies).

    Next we're heading upstate towards Canada. I went to college up there, so it won't be a shock for me... Looking forward to getting off the island though. People can't drive here. It's true what they say

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