Weighed in yesterday and I just had to celebrate. I dropped two pounds and broke through another goal. I am now down to 189.2 lbs! To celebrate we went for breakfast at our local Ricky's. I ordered the gluten-sensitive steak and eggs, delish as usual.

I have an excess of time and energy lately and have found myself cleaning my kitchen and bringing order to at least 4 1/2 years of household neglect. I do need to find employment soon but I am enjoying the very short summer we have and making plans for my new garden. ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1371223330.312825.jpg

Our pups, Missy and Bennie are helpful gardeners. At least, they are good at offering support while I am working. The garden will be delayed due to a lot of rain but I will be able to have a small harvest this fall. Next year I hope to expand the garden to include a permaculture design encompassing most of the back yard and, if the town decides in favor of urban hens I may be able to raise my own eggs, or at least some of them. A family of five eating eggs at least once a day goes through a lot of eggs!