Well I guess it's time to take the plunge.

First off I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Colleen, I live in Canada and I'm a 37 year old mother of 3 sons. My sons are 15, almost 14 and 11. My husband of 14 years has been very supportive of this journey and has also switched his eating habits to be as primal as possible. Our kids are eating primal when they eat at home but we don't enforce it on rare restaurant outings.

My journey to primal began when I joined a walking clinic in late May. After a couple weeks of learning to walk I decided to do a cleanse to try and figure out what was causing my belly to hurt after certain meals. I had pinpointed MSG as one culprit but there was another unsub out there and I was determined to find it. The cleanse was called "First Cleanse" by Nu-Life, it was 15 days of what I now consider primal eating, drinking lots of water and taking pills in the morning to clean my systems and pills in the evening to clean my waste management system. It was a little tricky at first, we went camping once during that time and watching everyone else eat hot dogs while I munched on my clean foods was a bit tough but I felt great at the end of the cleanse and wanted it to continue. It was an acquaintance of mine that mentioned the Paleo Diet so I headed off to my local bookstore to investigate. I got sidetracked by a book with a stack of bagels on it and the title "Wheat Belly". Could I have a wheat belly? Sure enough it would seem I did! After reading the first chapter I decided to cut out all grains. I shared what I was learning with my hubby and he did some poking around on the 'net and came to the same conclusion: to feel better we needed to cut out grains and lose our wheat bellies.

Our family loves camping so what better way to start than during a camping trip? We packed all the usual camping foods and a lot more veggies than we normally do and I noticed a definite lag in energy when I ate certain foods and that pain in my poor bloated belly when I ate a hot dog complete with bun. That settled it, no more wheat for me. After that camping trip I started searching the web for more information because I have always felt that knowledge is power and I love research. Another trip to the bookshop netted me a great new cookbook: The Food Lovers "Make it Paleo" 200 grain-free easy-to-make recipes including our new family favourite the infamous bacon cookies! After reading the introduction from Mark Sisson I decided to check out his website and that led me here.

When I started this journey I had ballooned up to 223. I couldn't believe it, I had become obese! How could my husband still find me desirable? How could anyone stand to look at me? I avoid all reflective surfaces as a matter of habit because I'm always shocked at the fat person I see there. It took 20 years, three children and two stints in college to get to this place and this weight so I can't expect the weight to just fall off but I was very surprised at what has happened in just the last few weeks. I have lost 16 lbs with very little effort, no calorie counting and certainly some cheating. Due to an injury that has left my leg asleep for over a month I have done very little for exercise despite joining the walking class. I have been walking more as some feeling is finally returning to my leg. I look forward to stretching out my walks and adding in some 'lift heavy things' and I dream about the day when I can 'move very fast'.

Today I finally ordered Marks Primal Blueprint and Primal Body-Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas. I will read them and continue to do what works for me. During our latest camping trip we didn't pack any bread. Our shopping was done with a lot more care to ensure everything we bought was the best food possible. We ate very primal and everyone enjoyed it very much. I shared my cookbook with my Mother and a close friend (who tried to steal it). I'm sure she will get as much joy from her own copy as I have and maybe she'll start lurking around here just like I did.

This journal will be where I record some of my meanderings about primal living. I will update on my weight from time to time and note my favourite recipes and maybe some that don't turn out so well. Don't expect to see a lot of calorie counting as that just doesn't do it for me but occasionally I might want to track calories in to see if I'm hitting the right targets. I am encouraged by reading Gay Panda's "Primal with a side of fabulous" to increase my fat intake and see what happens. Yesterday I hit 34.8 g carbs but blew way over in proteins and fats, not sure what that was all about. I rewarded myself by finishing off the chips leftover from camping (They're potatoes, not grains) and some dark chocolate chips so in the end I went over in carbs too. But today felt like a skinny day even after porking out the day before. My body has a mind of it's own sometimes.

BF: Prosciutto and eggs w/ coffee and creamer
Supper: will be grilled salmon and roasted veggies

After yesterday's debauchery I should not allow myself to have a cooler after supper. Tonight the boys have Kung Fu so I will take the dog and walk for the better part of an hour and maybe I will have earned that cooler. We'll see.