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    Talking Paleo Macaroons with Berry Conserve


    My wife made these this weekend, thought I'd share :-)


    Makes 7-8 macaroons

    For the macaroons:

    • 90g dessicated coconut
    • 40g raw honey
    • 1 large egg white
    • pinch of salt

    For the berry conserve:

    • 200g berries (these can be frozen or fresh)
    • 1 tbsp raw honey


    1. Ensure you use a non-stick baking sheet. This is very important, otherwise the macaroons will stick and they will not come off easily. I made this mistake.
    2. Preheat oven to 160 degrees.
    3. Mix together the egg white and honey until frothy.
    4. Pour in the dessicated coconut and mix together.
    5. Add salt.
    6. Scoop up the mixture into 7-8 little balls and place on the baking sheet.
    7. Press them down so they are slightly flatter and make a little well in the top of each one.
    8. Place in oven for 10 minutes.
    9. Place berries in a saucepan (chop first if using fresh), along with the honey.
    10. Simmer on a medium heat until fruit has reduced and is a thick consistency.
    11. Once macaroons have baked , allow them to cool.
    12. Add a scoop of the berry conserve into the well in each macaroon.

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    This sounds great! I love the idea of adding the fruit to a macaroon. Thanks for sharing

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    Yummy. Can't wait to try
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