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Thread: Long term ketosis

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    Long term ketosis

    I've been Primal for 5 months and I have noticed some interesting changes in that time. I've had some ups and downs in how I felt, but my weight loss has been steady throughout - 33lbs so far, yay!

    1st month - craved snacks between meals and went a bit mad with fruit and dark chocolate.
    2nd and 3rd month - stopped needing to snack between meals and found intermittent fasting easy to do.
    4th month - had some strong reactions to gluten/lactose cheats, felt awful and found that very-low-carb made me feel better very quickly.
    Now - I'm feeling great and feel naturally drawn to eating low carb, although I do eat plenty of vegetables and a portion of fruit every day. I feel that I'm in ketosis most of the time (I don't use ketostix but I get the funny breath that I got with Atkins, way back when) and don't get kicked out of it for long - for example I had some pick 'n' mix sweets as a rare 'naughty' treat a few days ago and seemed to be back in ketosis the next day(?)

    I know Primal isn't necessarily low carb, and I never really went into this with the intention of re-enacting my previous Atkins success. But I seem to naturally thrive on ketosis. I sometimes feel a bit sluggish first thing in the morning but my energy levels are more stable throughout the day than they are on higher carbs. I don't have any other negative side effects apart from my breath tasting different, which doesn't really bother me as others (including a dentist) have said it's not noticeable.

    So I was wondering, do you think it's ok to stay in ketosis regularly for the long term? Or might it be better for my health/weight loss to deliberately have a break from it sometimes?
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