I experimented with PB 3-4 years ago, and really can't remember why I stopped! Maybe I was thinking of it more as a diet then... I've always bounced around in a 20-30 pound range, and this time, the baby-is-about-to-turn-one time, tends to see me on the upper end. So I started PB again a little over 3 weeks ago, mainly b/c I refused to go buy new, bigger clothes. Primal flu hit me bad, for at least a week and a half, and I started wondering if this was really such a good idea! Yes, I dropped some water weight, yes my stomach felt much calmer (no more rumblings, bloating, tightening), but I was so tired, queasy, head-achy. Then one morning, I woke up with such incredible energy. The morning after that, I woke up and wasn't hungry for anything but coffee for hours. I realized I am starting to sleep so much deeper - I feel relaxed even while nursing in the middle of the night, and usually slide right back to sleep instead of lying there worrying for a while. A crisis hit at work last week, and while I was stressed, I felt so much more in control of my emotions, could think more clearly, keep the stress contained at the level it belonged in a very different way.

So many benefits! And at the 3 week mark, I'd dropped about 9 pounds! Some stats -
Height: 5' 6"
SW: 149
Week 1: 144
Week 2: 143 (hormones were probably responsible for this slow week)
CW: 140

I have an initial goal of 135, somewhere between 130-135 was my best weight ever, in college when I was enjoying weight lifting and walking everywhere. But I'm sure I have a bunch of fat pounds I need to trade for muscle. I bought some calipers online yesterday, so I'm looking forward to tracking by body fat soon!

I have 2 kids, a 5yo daughter D and 11mo son A. The next part of the story is about them.