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Thread: Let's say I start a regular workout program...

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    Let's say I start a regular workout program...

    .. and once all the fat melts away, will I be in good shape underneath? Am I building a strong body under all the fat?

    I dont know how to ask my question really. When I started losing weight, I was under the belief of cardio cardio cardio, and so I was doing that. That with diet was getting good results. About the same time I went low carb and then found primal, I had just realized I was hungrier when I worked out more, and that just seemed to defeat the purpose. I felt like it would be easier to just watch what I eat. And then when I was going to go even lower carb, I had heard I probably wouldn't be able to work out low carb, and so I didnt. Then when spring hit, I was busy for hours and hours every day outside doing yard work. So I havent really done any structured exercise since mid-March.

    Now that it is so stinking hot, my extra activity around the house/farm/yard is all but non-existent. We havent even been in the pond as much as last year. I do drag a garden hose all over creation for about 2 hours every day in the mornings. That and housework is about it. I have a good grasp on my hunger and nutrition I think. I am wondering if it is time to focus more on the exercise aspect?

    I have lots of dvds. I have an elliptical and I don't mind to tabata on it. I have lots of walking options. I have some kind of rowing apparatus, I forget the name. And some other tall tower thing. And I have downloaded the fitness program but honestly I havent looked at it. I also think part of it, was that I was getting a handle on my eating, and if I throw exercise in the mix, I am going to have to relearn everything. What/when I can eat beforehand, what/when I need to eat after....It just seemed even more complicated. I also had told myself that since it was only 20% of the weight loss process, I didnt need to worry about it as much, and so I havent. But thinking I should revisit that decision.

    Now I just read somewhere, (not here) someone said that you build muscle under the fat. That seems like it would make my butt even bigger, and I dont want that. But I imagine the fat melting away at some point, and what is left is looking pretty good. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.

    I probably have another 60 - 75lbs or so to go. Much of it is in my mid section. My Big Fat (not Wheat) Belly. Should I just continue to focus on nutrition, or maybe do some tabata style sprinting on my elliptical for now? Or just do walking? I have slim in 6, momma wants her body back, pxsomething. That one would kill me I am certain. The slim in 6 isnt too bad, some ST of sorts I guess. I would love to have a butt like those on Brazil Butt Lift.

    I havent really ventured off of the nutrition forum much, so I know I need to research here, so I am sorry if these are basic and silly questions. Now that the summer is winding down (kids back to school in a few weeks) I will be able to think more and do more of what I need to do for me. I am just wondering what that might be. I am trying to formulate a plan and a schedule.

    Thanks for any and all help!
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