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Thread: Going to eat at Chick Fil A today

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    Quote Originally Posted by bionicsamm View Post
    Do you not have common-law recognition in the states? There's no reason to get married up here unless it matters for you.

    I actively don't participate/endorse companies who contribute to hate groups or have morals I don't believe in. I don't support Curves Gyms because they're anti-abortion, same for Coors Light (and all sister companies.) There are others, but we have less hate groups in Canada
    Only 16 states recognize common law marriages.
    State Laws: Common Law Marriage - FindLaw

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    Wifey and I had an interesting conversation about 'conforming to the hetero institution of marriage".

    You know what? NOT conforming just further pushes us away from society, 'proving' that we are NOT like the rest of humanity. What good is that? It further reinforces ''us vs. them" mentality.

    We didn't engage in marriage for millennia because we *weren't* begging for equal rights. There was so such thing.
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