Hi Paleo Community!

I've never done a blog before but I have always wanted to give it a shot. I started one a few months ago via Blogger, but I didn't have any motivation or support to follow through with it, probably because I felt like I was talking to myself without any reciprocation of love and support! But, since this paleo community seems very social, so supportive, and fun to interact with, I hope that through fun conversations and feedback, I can follow through with it. Not only that, but this will keep me in check on a paleo lifestyle as I am currently on Day 2 of my 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

I went paleo two years ago, about the same time of the year, and saw amazing results. I got down to my lowest weight of 118lbs, was at my peak fitness, and was at my best mental state! But, one word pretty much ruined all that hard work and determination: College.

Sticking to a plan like paleo throughout college felt impossible for me as I transitioned into this new lifestyle. The beginning of the year had so many events with free cookies, pizza, and going out to parties (and drinking...). Oh, and not to mention living in an apartment where I struggled to figure out what to cook on a college budget while resisting the non-paleo foods my roommates devoured in front of me.

Another year has gone by, and now being at my heaviest weight of 133lbs, I want to tackle the next school year with a vengeance. New apartment, new lifestyle, and new me - ready to inspire and ready to be inspired! I'm starting off with my own 30 Day Paleo Challenge to kickstart the transition. I want to continue journaling the college experience of being on a college budget, resisting temptations of free finger foods at parties, and what not. I will allow myself non-paleo foods if there's no way around it - such as not being able to control how foods are cooked at restaurants, or the occasional add-in of dairy or dark chocolate if I'm feeling it.

I'm ready to see my body transform and to feel mentally and physically healthy and happy! I'd love to hear any advice, feedback, from whoever, whenever! Thank you!